Building On Integrity & Impeccable Ethics

RMP Service is built on the cornerstone of having the highest integrity and always being professional and ethical in all dealings with our valued, regular clients and any opportunities with new clients that arise.

Fostering Confidence in Our Service

It is of the utmost importance that all areas of RMP Service continually offer a consistently high standard of service to the marine trade in WA and boat owners alike. All clients of our Company should have every confidence that the work or services required are carried out by fully trained technicians, backed up by a competent and ‘up to date’ trained support team.

Being a ‘Point Of Difference’ Company

Our ethos is simply to stand out from the general marine industry as the only company to consider when you have need of a marine service centre.

Every part of the experience with our Company should be above average and result in a positive outcome to ensure that any future events or situations which may occur, RMP Service is your preferred port of call.

Adapting To New Technology & Processes

In a rapidly changing world, RMP Service is committed to being at the forefront of technology and procedures that are released by Volvo Penta, so our clients can rest assured we are trained and familiar with the new model releases and any updates of service technical equipment and monitors. We are resolute in always offering fully trained technicians with the most modern equipment available to service your needs.

Our Team

Leading Marine Technician

Josh Hoffman

0408 180 339
Marine Apprentice

Mitchell Stagbouer

Office / Inventory Manager

Colette Nunn

(08) 9339 8440
Marine Apprentice

Nathan Mortimer